"...it reminds you of what Timbaland might be doing with Aaliyah today. It reminds you of what Sadé might create if she was 25 in 2017. Comparisons aside, it feels unique. It immediately passes through the layer of pop and R&B singers that seem to be chasing what they are and who they sound like, and immediately finds itself amongst the women who know; the Solange, the Beyoncé, the FKA Twigs, the Jazmine Sullivan, the Kelis."

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Resilient R&B artist Anne Dereaux treads through turmoil on her debut EP Book of Lolita. On the heels of her vivid single, "mo[u]rning," Dereaux works through emotional and social unrest over the project's six moving tracks. On "123," her inflections illustrate the conflict in making risky decisions to provide for a child. And on "rock away," she swims through heartbreak.

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 “I’m not one of those stories where people kind of come out of the womb with a microphone in their hand," says Anne Dereaux of her start in music... Dereaux just recently broke out on her own, and decided to make the kind of music she would actually buy (the aha moment was inspired by Andre 3000), and is now being compared to the likes of Banks, Kelela, and FKA Twigs.